2010          Encino 6 Art Gallery, Heterogeneous Artist
2010          Montparnasse One Gallery, Nightscapes, Paris, France
2008          Montparnasse One Gallery, Streetscapes, Paris, France
2007          Glendon Galery, Circles, Wst Los Angeles, CA
2005          Woodmere Gallery, Computer art, Birds of Paradise
                  Reviewed by La La Land Press, Los Angeles, CA   
2004          Media Loft, Jerry's Balls, Acrylic Spheres, New Rochelle, NY
1999          Media Loft, Retrospective, Mixed Media, l50 works
                  New Rochelle, NY
1996          Buss Gallery, Electric Art, Greenwich, CT
1992          Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD),   Art in Sports, Columbus, Ohio
1991          Galleries at Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT)/SUNY,12 International Sports Posters,
                  New York, NY
1985          American Museum of Illustration, Computer Art, Bird of Paradise,
                  New York, NY
1983          Philip Morris International, Marlboro Sports Art, Posters, New York, NY
1980          Sky Gallery, Urban Landscapes, Enamel on Circular Canvas
                  New York, NY (Reviewed)
1979          MTC International Tennis posters, New York, NY
1978          Society of Illustration, Art On Display, Drawing silk screened on Plastic panels,
                  New York, NY
1976          NY Society of Illustrators, The Art of Jerry McDaniel, Mixed Media,
                  New York, NY
1973          Buss Gallery, Beachscapes, Opaque Watercolor, Greenwich, CT
1972          Pratt Institute, Retrospective, House paint and enamels on Canvas,
                  Brooklyn, NY
1971          Galleries at Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT)/SUNY,Circles, Enamels on
                  Canvas, New York, NY
1970          Bruce Fredric Gallery, Squares, Manhattan, NY
1969          Jefferson Gallery, Rectangles, House paint on Masonite, New York, NY
1967          NY Society of Illustrators, Book Covers, Mixed Media, NY


2010          Artists Alley, Abstract Circles & Squares, San Francisco, CA
2004          Media Loft New Rochelle, "Open Studios" (Invitational, sponsored by
                  the Halberg Gallery, SUNY Purchase, NY
2003-06    Museum of American Illustration, NYC, Member's exhibitions
</2003NY Museum of American Illustration, 911, NY Times Exhibition, New York, NY
1991-02    New York Society of Illustrators, NYC. "Our Own Show"
1992-96    FIT/SUNY, Faculty Fine Arts Exhibitions
1965-93    "Illustrators National Annual" Society of Illustrators, New York (Juried)
1990,67,60: Art Directors International," Annual Exhibition", NYC (Juried)
1990           Museum of American Illustration, NYC, "The Inter-Governmental
                   Philatelic Stamp Exhibition" (Invitational)
1990           Museum of American Illustration, "The Illustrator as a Printmaker,"NY, NY
1987           Master Eagle Gallery NYC, NYIT Arteck'87, (First Majors Computer Art
                   Exhibition in NY)
1986-90     Stamford Loft Artist Association. CT "Open Studios"
1986          Women In communications, New Haven, CT, "The Graphic Eye '86"
1986          Fifth Annual Pacific Northwest Computer graphics Conference,
                  (Invitational), University of Oregon
1986          Hurllbutt Gallery, Greenwich CT, "Computer as an Art Tool"
                  (Invitational) (New York Times Review)
1985          New Canaan Society for the Arts, CT, "The Connecticut Illustrator.
1982          Dyanson Gallery (Soho) NYC
1981          Jameson Gallery (Soho) NYC
1981          Museum of American Illustration, NYC, "A Pictorial History, US Air Force"
1980          Stein Gallery, Group Show, New York, NY
1979          FIT/SUNY Faculty Graphic Design Exhibition (Juried)
1978          FIT/SUNY Faculty Fine Art Exhibition (Juried)
1978          International Graphics Awards Annual, (IGA) Oregon (Juried,
                  Gold Medal) 1976 Madison Square Garden Gallery NYC, "Art in Sports"
1975          Society of Illustrators, “Ten Illustrators” NYC
1974          Littleneck Library Gallery, 24 Famous American Artist, Littleneck, LI
1972          National Gallery, Washington DC, "Pentagon Collection"
                  (Selected works).
1970          National show, Museum of American Illustration, NYC
1968          Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC "The Armed Forces of The 
                  United States, as seen by the Contemporary Artist"
1957          Northwest Territory Watercolor exhibition, Ohio University, Athens, OH  
1956          Massillon Open Invitational, Mississippi mistress, Massillon OH




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